Thursday, February 3, 2011

Nightmare or a dream?

A poem just popped up in my head which I had written way back in school in a diary that I'm trying to locate since ages!

Here it goes..

It was friday night
which was full of fright
It was spooky outside
and I was reading a book on aliens inside

suddenly outside I saw a flash
rays of light emerged like a splash
i looked up in the sky
it was a flying saucer passing by

I went out to see
but the lights undertook me
inside I was astonished to see
Aliens with yellow eyes looking at me

They told me they were from mars
and they will give me no harm
all they want me to do
is to teach english to the students of Mars-kaboo*

*Mars-kaboo was a famous school in mars

When we reached mars
they took me in their space cars
when I was teaching the students I realized
its easy to write but not easy to teach martians

suddenly one of them started banging my head with his arms
then I realized it was my clock's alarm
I opened my eyes and the room was filled with sunlight's beam
still today I wonder was it a nightmare or a dream!

Guys I know I have been off the radar, but hey I wasn't abducted by martians!
A lot of interesting stuff lined up for this month..
keep your fingers crossed!



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