Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Unity Faith Dicipline - Golden Principles of Jinnah

One of my cousin’s 4 year old daughter went to her father and said, "You and Mama don't give me anything! You just spend on my education, give me food to eat & clothes to wear! Look at Aunty who lives in the neighbourhood, she gives her children candies to eat and they also go to tuition centres!"

Today if you ask, what do like about Pakistan, a lot of people might say “not much”. Isn’t our behaviour is like the same little girl. Our country does not give us candy? Its hard to accept but we are becoming an ungrateful nation in the given conditions of the country (I won’t dig the details because you see it hear it everyday what's happening around us in the economy, politics, sports, and society). 

At this point the thought to ponder is "Khuda uss qaum ki halat nahi badalta jab tak wo apni halat khud nahi badalte." I think its about time that we should stop playing the blame game and try to change ourselves 1st. How many of us stop at a red light or don't bribe a cop or try to get free in a concert or are not trying to cut corners in taxing, or stealing water or electricity, even flood relief goods are stolen and sold in the market! 

We must not forget the sacrifices, the efforts and endeavours our ancestors made to get this country and above all let’s not forget the 3 principles – Unity, faith and Discipline.

We are a nation who can fight with each other over anything - whether its over religion, politics, family issues, even in a routine cricket match. Maybe that's just because we are an emotional nation. Thats the point where Unity comes into play. As a nation We all are Pakistanis. Its about time racism and riots should be set aside and the nation needs to stand under one flag!

Faith makes you stronger. No matter to what religion we belong to.. most of us don't have strong faith. We need to have faith in God, we need to have faith in our abilities. We need to stay positive. We need to see the brighter side of the picture if we want to change our present!

Discipline is something we badly lack. This is something I had explicitly discussed in my previous post "From Human Beings to being Human" 

After every dark night, there is always a bright shiny day we must remember that as a Nation.
Lets embrace Unity, Faith Discipline in our lives in true letter and spirit and stand out as a prominent nation in the world.

Long Live Pakistan.


Baz said...

Owais, there are many things that we as a nation need to change. First is our perception and second is the need to live by Mr. Jinnah's principles. In fact we need to resurrect him, his principles and ideals because through them can we truly map out our future.

letmesign said...

you are true Owais. we always ask "Pakistan ney humy kia diya hai?" but we always fail to tell "hum ney Pakistan ko kiya diya hai?"
When we change ourselves as a nation we will be able to see the difference because
"we are the people who can make Pakistan or break Pakistan"

Afifa Aijaz

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